Africa Climate Summit 2023 Commitment Framework

4th to 6th Sept
KICC, Nairobi Kenya


On 4-6 September 2023, Government of Kenya and the African Union will convene the inaugural Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi. Leaders are invited to attend and highlight their commitment and support to achieve the change the planet so urgently needs.

The climate change crisis is a reality. Globally, exposure to and costs from the physical effects of climate change are increasing. With an expected overshoot of a rise above 1.50C the situation deteriorates globally. Africa is facing some of the worst climate change consequences.

However, Africa stands ready to provide leadership. The continent will bring its collective assets, including mineral and energy resources and agricultural capacity; and, intellectual capital, to contribute to global decarbonisation, protect our nature and help solve the climate change challenges. Africa has both a stake and interest. Africa is the continent of the future with the youngest population and fastest urbanising environment. A continent of immense potential. Africa is full of investment opportunity; global capital can drive decarbonisation and support adaptation and protect our nature. Africa stands ready to work with the rest of the world in our collective fight against Climate Change.

Summit Commitments

All governments, private sector organisations, international organisations, foundations and philanthropists are invited to make and profile their forward-looking commitments to climate action at the summit.

We are inviting you to complete this framework to share your vision and action to accelerate climate action in Africa, and beyond. Leaders are particularly invited to use this opportunity to profile new initiatives, projects or policy and financial commitments.

The Summit team will enable leaders to speak to these commitments in the agenda. The collection of the commitments will set a new Africa led surge of action against climate change.

We request you share your commitment with the Africa Climate Summit Secretariat by Friday 18 August 2023


This is a unique platform opportunity for governments, private and multi-sector partners from across Africa, and around the world, to join together in pledging their contributions to urgent climate action. Please join this historic effort by making and profiling your country or institution’s forward-looking commitment so we can turn the tide against climate change.

Name of Government or institution and lead contact for this commitment:
Including name and contact details for the Government/ institution’s nominated focal point person for this commitment.
What is your Government or institution’s forward-looking commitment to climate action?
Please provide a summary overview of your commitment(s) (c.600 words)

This may include national strategy targets / plans and the domestic / leveraged financing commitments to implement/ policy changes to enable action where appropriate.

Please specify the time period for these commitments and geographical focus.
Financial value:
(where relevant)
Where relevant, please estimate the financial value of your commitment (specifying currency) and the time period this covers.
Anticipated impact:
(where relevant)
Where relevant, please share the anticipated impact / outcomes of your commitment

Please share responses and any questions: [email protected]