Africa Climate Summit & Africa Climate Week 2023 Exhibition

2nd to 8th Sept
KICC, Nairobi Kenya


The Africa Climate Exhibition will serve as a platform to showcase global solutions, innovations, and projects aimed at mitigating climate change challenges. Exhibitors from around the world will participate, providing an opportunity for attendees of the Africa Climate Summit and Africa Climate Week to interact, learn, and adopt practical solutions to climate change. The exhibition is scheduled to take place from 4th to 8th September 2023.

Why Exhibit?

Exhibitors can benefit from a ready market of over 10,000 delegates, comprising policymakers, thought-leaders, governments, financial institutions, development partners, and technology providers, all focused on developing new frameworks, policies, and approaches for global climate adaptation.

Exhibition Costs

Various booth options are available with different square meter sizes and costs:

Standard Booth 9m square (3m x 3m)
USD 2,000
Premium Booth 9m square (3m x 3m)
USD 4,000
Standard Booth 18m square (3m x 6m)
USD 4,000
Premium Booth 18m square (6m x 3m)
USD 8,000
Raw Space 18m square for custom build (3m x 6m)
USD 8,000

To make your organization stand out, we offer assistance in building custom-made booths. Please 'click' the button below to proceed to the booking form.

Exhibition Guidelines

  • Exhibitors with a booth of 9 square meters or more must register a maximum of 4 delegates, while those with 9 square meters will register two delegates.
  • Exhibitors are required to set up their stands for exhibition on 1st September 2023, with all exhibition materials delivered to the venue by 6.00 pm on the same day. This ensures readiness for the exhibition's opening on 4th September 2023. Breakdown will take place immediately after the exhibition, latest by 11 am on 9th September 2023.
  • The venue will not provide storage for exhibition goods before build-up and after the specified period for breakdown.
  • The use of printed collaterals will be discouraged at the exhibition as we aim to promote environmentally sustainable practices that reduce carbon emissions. We encourage the use of recycled, biodegradable materials, and other environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • To achieve this, a simple mobile app will be provided for efficient data collection, replacing the traditional visitor book and offering electronic copies of visitor information. Information about the application can be found below.
  • Exhibitors are encouraged to use digital signage and barcode readers that provide links to online information access.
  • Single-phase power will be available for all exhibitors, with the option for three-phase power upon request, provided the exhibitor supplies power distribution boxes and three-phase cables. Technical support will be offered by the event organizer.
  • Exhibitors will access the venue through Parliament gate.
  • For safety reasons, exhibitors will only be allowed access to the exhibition area from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm.
For more information on the exhibition, please contact us at: